Struggling with a Lori single cylinder deadbolt

Struggling with a Lori single cylinder deadbolt?

Struggling with a Lori single cylinder deadbolt? Mr. Locksmith explains how to rekey a Lori single cylinder deadbolt, a common and often confusing task for locksmiths. He details the steps involved, highlighting the need to use a long Allen wrench to remove the mortise cylinder set screw. Terry cautions viewers about common issues like rusted or stripped set screws and advises against using Loctite. He also mentions that despite these locks being widely used, he does not recommend them due to better alternatives.

Struggling with a Lori single cylinder deadbolt?

How to Remove a Lori Single Cylinder Deadbolt: A Comprehensive Guide

Removing a Lori single cylinder deadbolt can be a perplexing task, even for seasoned locksmiths. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the process. This guide is based on the insights shared by Terry from Mr. Locksmith™.


Hi, I’m Terry. Before we dive into the details, please take a moment to subscribe to my YouTube channel and like this video. It really helps! Now, let’s address a common problem that confuses many: removing a Lori or Kaba single cylinder deadbolt. This type of lock features a key on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside with a one-inch bolt.

Identifying the Lori Single Cylinder Deadbolt

One of the primary challenges with this lock is that any mortise cylinder can be used, making it seem like you have a Schlage, Kwikset, or even a Medeco deadbolt. This versatility can be confusing.

Single Cylinder Lori Deadbolt

  • Single Cylinder Design: Key on the outside and thumb turn on the inside.
  • Various Names: Lori, Kaba, or Ilco—different names often appear on the packaging.
    Step-by-StepRemoval Process

Removing the Screws and Plate

  1. Initial Steps: Start by removing the two visible screws. Normally, this seems straightforward, but here’s where it gets tricky.
  2. Face Plate: Take apart the face plate on the strike plate to remove the cylinder.
  3. Identify the LockType: Verify that you have a Lori/Kaba Ilco single cylinder deadbolt.

Using Allen Key to Remove Lori Cylinder

  1. Long Allen Key Needed: You need a long allen key or wrench. Insert it deeply to reach the set screw.
  2. Loosening the Set Screw: Turn the set screw left to loosen it. You don’t need to remove it entirely—just loosen it enough.
  3. Unscrewing the Mortise Cylinder
  1. Take out the Key: Remove the key halfway and then unscrew the mortise cylinder.
  2. Mortise Lock Components: You’ll see the mortise lock with an Adams Rite cam on the back. The set screw extends all the way to the back.

Disassembling the Lori Cylinder

  1. Spacer and Spring: Remove the spacer and the small spring.
  2. Re-keying: If you wish to re-key, this is the moment to do it. Remove the mortise cylinder carefully to avoid cross-threading.

Reinstallation Lori Deadbolt

  1. Aligning Everything: Start by aligning the components back in place. Ensure the tailpiece and thumb turn are correctly positioned.
  2. Right to Tighten: Reinsert the set screw and tighten it. Make sure it’s just finger-tight.
  3. Testing: Check if everything is positioned correctly. Test the key and thumb turn to ensure there’s no binding. If there’s any resistance, adjust by turning the set screw another turn in or out.
  4. Final Check:

After tightening and testing, make sure to check for any final adjustments. If the lock operates smoothly, you’re almost done.

Common Lori Deadbolt Issues

  1. Rusted Set Screws: Weather exposure can cause the set screws to rust. This might require extra effort to remove them.
  2. Rounded Set Screws: Using the wrong size Allen key can round out the set screw holes, making removal more difficult.
  3. Loctite Problems:Some people use Loctite on the screws, which is not advisable.

Final Words of Caution

  • Avoid Excessive Force: Never use excessive force while reinstalling any components, especially with the Lori lock or similar Adams Rite aluminum storefronts.
  • Alternative Solutions: While the Lori single cylinder deadbolt can be practical, there are better, more reliable options available today.

Removing a Lori single cylinder deadbolt may seem daunting at first, but with the right tools and steps, it becomes manageable. Remember, it’s crucial to use a long reach Allen wrench and follow the steps carefully to avoid any potential issues.

I hope you found this guide helpful! If you run into any problems with these locks, remember it’s just a bit of a pain but not impossible to handle. For more locksmith tips, subscribe to my channel, visit my website, and check out my online locksmith training courses for different skill levels.

Good luck and have a great day!


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Struggling with a Lori single cylinder deadbolt
Struggling with a Lori single cylinder deadbolt


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