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Happy Thanksgiving from Mr. Locksmith. For further information go to Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. At this time of Thanksgiving celebration, our thoughts turn

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Professional Certificate in Institutional Locksmithing | Mr. Locksmith Training Professional | Mr. Locksmith Training To Sign-up for The Professional Certificate in Institutioinal Locksmithing go to

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Funeral Home Dead Body in the Cooler | Mr. Locksmith Halloween Story For further info go to Hi, I’m Terry from Mr. Locksmith. This

Wendt Electro-Pick

Marc Tobias Part I of 4: Opening pin tumbler locks in seconds with Electro-picks Opening pin tumbler locks in seconds with Electro-picks.  For further information go

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Hands-On Locksmith Class February 1-4, 2016 – Monday to Thursday (9am-4pm) in Surrey British Columbia. Go to Mr. Locksmith for further info. Other dates March 7-10, 2016 – Monday to