The SDN SDK; core announced as open-source under Eclipse v1.0

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia, Sept. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —, the proven supporter of open-source software and its communities, and the leader in Software Defined Networking (SDN) and the OpenDaylight (ODL) platform has decided to open-source the core components of the current go-to SDN controller development kit: continues to push forward the open-source community projects and its commercial applications developed on open-source software.’s COO Stefan Kobza stated: “ journey started when we realized the way to move the upstream ODL to the direction we envisioned was to provide a solution rather than talk about it. Therefore, we have focused on a solution of the biggest pain point of current ODL, and turned it into the idea-bearer of the whole product. We have taken the biggest obstacle – Apache Karaf, out of the ODL developers’ lives, and hence improving their efficiency tremendously.”

On the other hand, the commercial product is available for purchase which was developed using the same core, which was officially announced as free and open-source software at the Open Networking Summit Europe/Amsterdam.

We are tirelessly adding new features with the demand and cooperation with our customers. Such as the Network Topology Visualization Component, Go/Java/Python RESTCONF clients, improved RESTCONF notifications with HTTP 2.0 support, improved southbound NETCONF plugin with the implemented support of YANG actions, NETCONF simulator to name a few.

Our vision from the start was to enhance the commercial version of with bleeding edge features and improvements that are not yet in open-source ODL. This will leverage users’ capability to speed up their development and deployment. Today users will get the chance to experience these changes, instead of waiting until such improvements appear in the upstream or developing themselves. released core components under Eclipse Public License v1.0 as a continuous support to the community.

We believe this will result in spinning up new projects based on OpenDaylight components making them faster and cheaper to develop and will give you a competitive edge in today’s fast evolving world of micro service and cloud-oriented deployments.

We encourage all OpenDaylight users, Data Center managers, Telco and Service Provider DevOps to give a try with their existing applications. It will amaze you.

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