TIDEiSun Group’s XPA Changes the Stable Token Game

HONG KONG, Oct. 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The TIDEiSun Group announced the integration of XPA Assets to several new financial services, including a stable token-based debit card. XPA Assets are a series of stable tokens pegged to different nations’ fiat currencies, with USX pegged to USD, JPX pegged to JPY and more. They are fixed to their respective nations’ fiat currencies generated using real assets as collateral with smart contracts, giving them the stability needed for day-to-day use.

XPA Assets’ unique distribution method distinguishes themselves from other contenders in the stable token market. Users mortgage fiat currency or cryptocurrency assets, then receive the stable token of their choice through a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to see the transaction details of every XPA Asset on the blockchain. The wide range of currencies available also gives XPA Assets an advantage in an increasingly globalized cryptocurrency market.

After competitor Tether’s high-profile issues, TIDEiSun is betting that XPA Assets’ radical transparency will make them a fiat-pegged cryptocurrency that users will actually trust. By combining that trustworthiness with stable value, the XPA Assets series are poised to become a cryptocurrency for daily use, suitable for everything from buying coffee in the morning to large corporate transactions. TIDEiSun has developed mobile payment apps, a cryptocurrency ATM and debit card integration for this vision of the future.

“We need stable tokens more than ever in today’s uncertain and volatile cryptocurrency market. Users need a way to secure their investments to avoid volatility and market crashes,” said Robin Xie, TIDEiSun CEO, “XPA Assets will build a bridge between the fiat and cryptocurrency worlds, and our range of different services will allow users to move their assets freely for their own vision of investment.”

Anchoring digital assets to a fiat currency solves the volatility that plagues cryptocurrency investment and gives cryptocurrency the characteristics of the fiat that allow daily use and exchange. XPA Assets are safer investment prospects and practical enough to do what cryptocurrency was originally intended to accomplish: give people ownership of their own money, with the safety, privacy and trust that comes from relying on data, not imperfect institutions.

With TIDEiSun’s other services, such as the TideWallet, TidePay and TideBit Exchange, XPA Assets forms a holistic asset ecosystem with multiple capabilities. XPA provides the expectation for growth typical of other current cryptocurrencies, and XPA Assets provide a currency stable enough for long-term investment, token-to-token trades, and easy conversion to the fiat.

“We want to redefine currency as you know it,” says TIDEiSun Chairman Chen Ping, “We dream of a world where our XPA and XPA Assets have completely redefined the financial system, allowing people more fluidity and investment choices than ever before.”

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