TradeBeyond Launches the Ultimate Retail Sourcing App

HONG KONG and SAN DIEGO, Dec. 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TradeBeyond, the world’s largest digital platform connecting retailers and brands with suppliers and factories, today has announced the launch of the TradeBeyond retail sourcing app and is now accepting supplier and factory registrations for verification and product submission.  

“TradeBeyond is an exciting new app, built by a group of retail experienced, innovative, developers. TradeBeyond is designed to make sourcing a real time, collaborative, efficient and fun process. I love the social media feel to it and can’t wait to see how far the team can push the limits,” said Keith Holder, Principal & Managing Consultant, N*ked Sourcing.

TradeBeyond is not another finished goods on-line marketplace; but rather, it is the exclusive network in which retailers, brands, validated suppliers and factories, can connect, source, extend innovation and bring private label products to market faster. TradeBeyond allows members to work “virtually”, in real time, side-by-side, seamlessly and will ultimately revolutionize how the retail industry manages product development and product sourcing for own brands.

“Retailers flourish when they can bring unique products to market ahead of the competition at a price point today’s consumers are demanding; however, few have mastered the ability to execute on this vision because the amount of redundant activity, lost time, lost data and failed communications impedes the opportunity for success,” said Michael Hung, Chief Innovation Officer at TradeBeyond.

TradeBeyond is the ultimate retail sourcing network where buyers request and suppliers introduce single products or entire catalogs in digital showrooms that match mood boards, ranges and themes in an instant.  Months and weeks become days and hours as all parties move through the private label product development process, reducing the need for multiple buying trips, expensive sample management reviews and factory compliance document validation.

“TradeBeyond has the ability to increase the speed and accuracy of product development, sourcing and supplier validation whilst improving the collaboration amongst product teams and their vendors,” said Steve Feniger, CEO, 55 Brand Management Consultants.

About TradeBeyond

TradeBeyond allows retailers, brands, suppliers and factories to introduce, source and match products with retail mood boards, ranges and themes, in a digital showroom. TradeBeyond is home to thousands of validated suppliers and is designed to extend innovation, source and bring products to market faster. TradeBeyond, is the ultimate sourcing app, that not only makes connections but, provides an entire industry the tools to win. For more information visit

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