Snow For Metro Vancouver: How to Unfreeze a Frozen Car Lock Video by Mr. Locksmith

Snow For Metro Vancouver: How to Unfreeze a Frozen Car Lock Video. Go to to learn more.

Snow forecasted for Metro Vancouver this weekend and early next week!

When the thermometer dips below freezing temperatures at Mr. Locksmith Automotive (604-782-6996) we receive calls from customers who are locked out of their cars because the car door lock is frozen. Note: the most common cause of frozen car locks is the customer washed their car and not only is the car lock frozen but the entire door. Most of the time only a small amount of water has entered the car lock via the key hole. Do not pour hot water over your car door and car lock.” Boiling water may or may not work but the hot water may damage the door lock and seals. Also, the water will freeze again this time in the lock and linkage. I have found the best method to loosen up the frozen lock is using a spray “Lock De-icer” is available at most Automotive Stores.

Snow flurries starting this weekend and -2 Celius!

Don't get locked out by Frozen car locks.

Don’t get locked out by Frozen car locks.

Visit my video to learn more.

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