On Sunday June 12, 2011 at approximately 1pm, I googled “Locksmith Vancouver” and the first six companies in the Google Ad words where unlicensed Locksmiths. Not a single unlicensed locksmith company was in the Google organic searches (unpaid ads). Most of the paid Ad Words promote “lowest prices” or $15 dollar charges.

The business model for the unlicensed is to target emergency lock outs, quote low and then charge hundreds of dollars for simple jobs. Also, the unlicensed locksmiths will drill the lock or door because they don’t have the skills or training to pick the lock. I was called out to a car lockout where the un licensed locksmith tired to drill a car door open.

In the Province of British Columbia Locksmiths and Locksmith companies are required by law to have a British Columbia Provincial Locksmith License and have a minimum of two (2) years locksmith training and supervision under a licensed locksmith. The BC Locksmith License requires a security check and clearance and includes a fingerprint check at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) or local Police Department. In British Columbia the Industry Training Authority (ITA) is responsible for apprentice locksmiths and certification as a qualified locksmith. The ITA verifies the locksmith has a minimum of two (2) years training under the supervision of BC Licensed and Qualified Locksmith,

However, the lack of a BC Locksmith License and criminal records check and security clearance has not deterred unlicensed locksmiths operating in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland,

The BC Government last year was responsible for shutting down a major unlicensed locksmith company operating in Vancouver but based in the US. The unlicensed locksmith was also deported. Recently the BC Government has revoked a person who had a security guard license and was and is still operating as an unlicensed locksmith.

I will report in a future Blog what the BC Government is doing about unlicensed locksmiths and Googles response to BC Unlicensed locksmiths advertising on Google Ad words.

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