UPDATE — AEM’s TestPro CV100 Multifunction Cable Tester Approved to Certify Cabling Systems from World’s Leading Cable Manufacturers

Ensure work is fully warrantied by using TestPro with cabling solutions from Panduit®, Seimon™, Hitachi Cable America, Belden, Hubbell®, Paige®, Signamax and Superior Essex

ORLANDO, Fla., Jan. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BICSI Winter Conference AEM, a leader in test and measurement solutions, today announced the TestPro CV100 Multifunction Cable Tester has been approved to certify cabling systems from leading cabling providers including Panduit, Seimon, Hitachi Cable America, Belden, Hubbell, Paige Datacom Solutions, Signamax, Superior Essex, with more to come. Contractors looking to certifying physical infrastructure from these vendors can now use TestPro to fully protect and warranty work.

[Visit AEM’s booth #401 from January 20-24, 2019, at the BICSI 2019 Winter Conference in Orlando, Florida.]

“2018 was a banner year for AEM’s cable testing instruments business with revenue increases in excess of 37 percent(1). For our Test and Measurement division, we gained significant traction with the launch of TestPro in the Unites States and we achieved ETL certification endorsing our multifunction cable tester with the highest Level 2G accuracy,” said Harshang Pandya, General Manager of Test and Measurement at AEM International. “As we transitioned into 2019, we knew it was important that we get the world’s leading cable manufacturers to approve our tester for use with their warranty programs. With these approvals complete, contractors can now confidently deploy and certify these systems knowing TestPro – and the TestDataPro software – have the full trust of infrastructure providers.”

As the adoption of modern Smart Building continues, the need for power and bandwidth is rapidly increasing, driving the adoption of PoE++ and Multi-Gig Ethernet over copper cabling. TestPro is purpose-built to ensure these infrastructures are fully qualified to support the deployment of IoT connected devices, through a core set of essential test functions including certifying the physical infrastructure, qualifying Multi-Gig link speeds up to 10 GigE, and validating loaded PoE.

For more product information (including a quick start guide), visit http://www.aem-test.com/.

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Footnote (1): AEM would like to clarify that the wording “cable testing instruments business” was omitted from the phrase “revenue increases in excess of 37 percent” as mentioned in the press release posted on 16 January 2019.  The revenue from the cable testing instruments division contributes less than 1% of AEM’s revenue.  As such the information in the earlier press release should not be construed as revenue guidance for the AEM Group. We regret the confusion which may have been caused by the content of the press release.