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Chinatown Locksmith: Mr. Locksmith is your Chinatown Locksmith 24 hr Mobile Locksmith and for Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Mr. Locksmith is a locally family owned and operated locksmith business that has been running over 25 years. We provide professional locksmithing & security services. Terry Whin-Yates is a 3rd Generation Locksmith and has a BA (Hons) in Criminology from Simon Fraser University.

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Chinatown Locksmith

Mr. Locksmith Chinatown East Vancouver (604) 239-0755

Mr. Locksmith Vancouver Arbutus Ridge (Kitsilano, UBC, Kerrisdale, etc.) : (604) 760 7620

Mr. Locksmith Downtown Vancouver: (604) 262-1907

Mr. Locksmith Automotive Locksmith Vancouver: (604) 259-7617

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Locksmith Chinatown Vancouver

Locked Out? Need Keys? If you need a lock change or a lock re-key?

Mr. Locksmith Vancouver is here to help when you have a home security issue. We are here to help.

We are your 24-hour emergency locksmith. Whether you just need new keys or need a new high-security lock installed, we have you covered.

Our locksmiths are licensed, bonded and insured.

There’s no such thing as a $15 locksmith.

Need professional locksmith advice? Call Mr. Locksmith Vancouver now and book your appointment.

Need your locks re-keyed or need house lockout services in Vancouver? We’re here for you!

Call 24 Hour Mr. Locksmith Vancouver whenever you need locksmith service. We are available 24 hours a day!

Chinatown Vancouver BC

Chinatown Locksmith Vancouver BC

Locksmith Near Me Chinatown Vancouver BC

Mr. Locksmith services include:

  • Lock change services
  • Home unlock services
  • 24 Hour locksmith service
  • Lock rekey services
  • Master key system
  • Lock repair
  • Mailbox Locks & keys
  • High-security lock installation

Emergency Locksmith Chinatown Vancouver

Mr. Locksmith Chinatown is a professional locksmith company offering complete solutions and services to all types of residential and commercial key and lock systems. From door locks, deadbolts, and broken keys to key houses, to Storefront Locks and door closures our experienced team can provide the highest quality of service for your security needs. We also specialize in lock replacement and offer a wide range of solutions for both homes and businesses in the Chinatown Vancouver area. With years of experience in security solutions, we understand that every situation requires a tailored solution and so we are committed to making sure you have the best solution possible with reliable locksmith services from Mr. Locksmith Chinatown Vancouver!

We cover every corner of Vancouver with locksmith services. If you have an issue with your locks or keys, don’t wait any longer and call Mr. Locksmith Vancouver or book your appointment online now.

Give Us a Call Today for Professional Locksmith & Security Services Mr. Locksmith Vancouver in Chinatown Vancouver, British Columbia.