Vive Studios & Beamz Interactive Announce Launch of Two Jam Studio VR Apps For HTC Vive Focus

New VR Apps enables users of all ages and abilities to have fun composing & performing compelling music in VR while receiving a wide variety of learning & therapy benefits

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vive Studios™, the virtual reality (VR) content development and publishing initiative from HTC VIVE™, and Beamz Interactive, Inc. (OTCMKTS: BZIC), a leading developer of state-of-the-art interactive AI music technology and products, today launched Jam Studio VR and the Jam Studio VR Education & Health Care Edition Apps for the HTC Vive Focus Stand Alone VR Headset (the “Apps”). Jam Studio VR’s intuitive controls allow users to compose and play compelling musical scores that sound great every time, enabling anyone to unleash their inner musician and play music or DJ regardless of their musical experience or abilities. In addition to a broad range of fun interactive music, the Education & Health Care Edition is packed with an extensive variety of fun learning and therapeutic content for individuals of all ages and abilities – including those with a variety of special needs, disabilities or undergoing rehab.

Jam Studio VR (see provides exciting individual and family fun and includes over 20 interactive songs from a host of music genres to suit all tastes. The App features songs from superstar artists Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, and Flo Rida, Grammy-nominated guitarist Craig Chaquico, acclaimed jazz saxophonist Euge Groove, and legendary Megadeth bassist David Ellefson, and also includes an extensive variety of fun EDM and DJ songs as well as a sampling of Education & Health care content.

The Jam Studio VR Education & Health Care Edition ( provides learning, physical, cognitive, sensory, communicative, life skill, and social/emotional therapeutic exercises, experiences, benefits, and guides to share with family, friends, schools, special needs organizations, therapy and rehab facilities, and professionals. This includes: (a) detailed Lesson Plans, an Overview Therapy Guide, and a Professional Therapy Protocols Guide; (b) a Music Instrument Discovery, Music Appreciation, and Music Fundamentals Education Series for all ages; (c) an interactive life skill learning series; (d) a variety of interactive basic math, alphabet, and other learning songs; (e) an interactive story book song; and (f) over a dozen fun, family-oriented interactive songs across all music genres that anyone can play. This content facilitates inclusive family play and can benefit children of all ages, anyone requiring physical & cognitive therapy exercises, and individuals with a variety of special needs such as Down syndrome, Autism, Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Cord Injuries, Intellectual Impairment, Physical Impairment and much more.

“Our goal is to create a whole new category of interactive music and gaming applications that takes advantage of Virtual Reality technology as well as HTC’s new leading-edge standalone VR Products.  Jam Studio VR delivers just that!” said Charlie Mollo, Beamz Interactive’s CEO. “We also plan to create a whole new category of education & health care music applications and content that take advantage of Virtual Reality and Beamz technology and platform to bring a new learning and therapy approach for a wide range of individuals.  We believe the Jam Studio VR’s Education & Health Care Edition delivers the first installment on this potential! Using our advanced triggering and synchronization technology and IP position, we’re able to create a truly unique interactive music experience that makes it easy and exciting to engage people of all ages and skill levels and provide a broad variety of learning and therapy benefits while they are just having fun.” 

“Jam Studio VR is at the forefront of creating a new category of interactive music, Education, and Health Care Apps for VR. We are very excited to partner with Beamz and develop these leading-edge interactive music performance applications for Focus,” said Joel Breton, VP of Vive Studios. “These family friendly Apps will lead the way for how users create and experience music in VR as well as receive a variety of learning and therapeutic benefits.”

Jam Studio VR and Jam Studio VR Education & Health Care Editions are available now for the HTC Vive Focus for $19.99 and $24.99, respectively. In addition, a broad range of additional interactive music and educational content will also be available shortly via In App purchases.

About Beamz Interactive, Inc. Beamz has developed state-of-the-art interactive AI music technology and products that can be used by anyone in a wide variety of virtual and mixed reality, music, education, therapy, special needs, & gaming applications. See

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