Why Key Copies or Key Duplicates of copies eventually will not work

Why Key Copies or Key Duplicates of copies eventually will not work. Sometimes when a locksmith tires to duplicate a key that is not the original key the key copy may not work. This is usually because the key duplicates is a copy of a copy of a copy… The Mr. Locksmith video demonstrates by duplicating a copy of an original Schlage key. Six (6) Generations of key copies from the original Schlage key worked perfect with the 7th Generation copy sticking in the lock and finally the 8th Generation Copy would not work the lock.

Solutions range from duplicating the key from the original key if available, cutting the copy of a copy either + or – minus 5 thousands of an inch, decoding the key and cutting a key on the code machine to restore the key to factory original (best solution for automotive keys) or rekeying the lock.

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Rekey Lock
Rekey Lock

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