WinZip 23 Enterprise Extends Cloud Support to Deliver Secure File Storage for Multi-Cloud Environments

With multi-cloud infrastructure on the rise, WinZip Enterprise supports Amazon AWS Regions, IBM Cloud, SwiftStack, RackSpace, and OpenStack. End users now have a single-pane solution to view, manage, secure, and save files across enterprise cloud services.

MANSFIELD, Conn., Nov. 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WinZip® 23 Enterprise enables corporate and government clients to implement enterprise-level encryption across their workforce and guard IP and critical data in multi-cloud network environments. With new support for enterprise cloud services IBM Cloud, SwiftStack, RackSpace, and OpenStack, together with the recently introduced support for AWS Regions (including GovCloud), WinZip Enterprise 23 offers seamless integration with the platforms businesses and governments rely on. Leveraging industry-standard AES encryption, this fully customizable solution is an essential tool for any organization working with compliance requirements, including FIPS 140-2, FIPS 197, HIPAA, DFARS, and EU regulations such as GDPR.

WinZip 23 Enterprise offers administrators optional enterprise keys and powerful IT controls to enforce security protocols and protect data from threats – coming from inside or outside their organization. End users stay productive in an easy-to-use, single-pane experience to manage, protect, and save files.

“Enterprise cloud storage is a reality in today’s business world. And whether your company’s infrastructure relies on one service or many, WinZip 23 Enterprise gives your IT department complete control over how your employees save and store files to keep critical information safe,” said Bill Richard, Vice President of Development for WinZip. “With these latest enhancements, businesses and government agencies now have a powerful tool that makes it simple to secure data across multi-cloud environments.”

Designed specifically for IT deployment, WinZip 23 Enterprise delivers the features businesses and government agencies need to protect their critical data.

  • Enhanced Support for Single and Multi-Cloud Networks
    WinZip 23 Enterprise offers the ability to integrate with multiple enterprise-level cloud networks including AWS Regions (including GovCloud), as well as IBM Cloud, SwiftStack, RackSpace, and OpenStack to match the requirements of an organization’s network infrastructure. Plus, global companies can standardize on services that enable them to select the regions where their data will be hosted. WinZip 23 Enterprise continues to integrate directly with corporate-standard SaaS services SharePoint and Office365, and can be configured to provide optional access to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, CloudMe, SugarSync, and MediaFire.
  • Banking-Level Encryption & Privacy Compliance
    WinZip Enterprise delivers the encryption organizations need to achieve compliance with standards including FIPS 140-2, FIPS 197, and DFARS. IT departments get the tools they need to store critical customer data in compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and other government privacy laws. WinZip Enterprise also works with Windows Information Protection (WIP), ensuring protocols to control the movement of information and files are respected.

  • Centralized Control & Customizable Interface
    WinZip Enterprise makes it easy to control files across the network and standardize access and protocols according to internal policies, thanks to features like enterprise-wide keys. Plus, IT Admins can configure WinZip’s UI to match the needs of their organization and ensure maximum productivity by turning on only the features they need.
  • Powerful Compression & Backup
    Ensure important data is preserved and protected. With best-in-class compression, WinZip Enterprise can make files smaller so they can be more easily stored, sent, received, and opened. Automatically backup documents, email, libraries, and more directly to local storage or a connected cloud service. Users can even combine files from their PC, network, and cloud storage in a single backup.

WinZip 23 Enterprise is based on the power of WinZip 23 Pro, the latest version of the world’s most powerful compression, encryption, and file-sharing software. For more information on what’s new in WinZip 23 Pro, please visit

Pricing and Availability

WinZip 23 Enterprise is available in 17 languages worldwide including English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese. For more information about WinZip 23 Enterprise licensing options, please visit

WinZip also released the new WinZip 23 Pro and WinZip 23 standard. WinZip 23 Pro is available at the SRP of $49.95 USD / £51.54 / €59.44. WinZip 23 is available at the SRP of $29.95 USD / £31.14 / €35.64. All European prices include VAT.

To learn more about the WinZip 23 product lineup, please refer to this comparison chart.

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