WSO2 Fall 2018 Release Advances Enterprises’ Ability to Analyze and Secure Their Integrated Apps and Services

Latest version of WSO2 Integration Agile Platform features unified cross-product analytics, adaptive authentication, and consulting services to optimize enterprise integrations

Mountain View, CA, Oct. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As digital businesses integrate processes and information with various communities—from internal teams to partner ecosystems, customers, industry groups, and government entities—it is not enough to simply connect systems, apps and services. They also need to analyze how integration flows are functioning, ensure their security, and enable the agility to respond to rapidly changing demands. WSO2 addresses these organizations’ demands with the Fall 2018 release of its WSO2 Integration Agile Platform, which introduces:

  • Unified monitoring and analysis of integration flows via out-of-the-box analytics in WSO2 Stream Processor
  • Adaptive authentication with WSO2 Identity Server to handle integrated apps and services where authentication cannot be predetermined
  • New WSO2 Integration Agile Consulting services and resources for transforming IT organizations’ development and integration silos into fully Integration Agile teams

Unified Integration Flow Analytics Using WSO2 Stream Processor
WSO2 Stream Processor is an open source, cloud native, and lightweight stream processing product that captures, analyzes, processes and acts on events using streaming SQL queries in real time. With the Fall 2018 Release, it adds out-of-the-box analytics for WSO2 Enterprise Integrator, WSO2 API Manager, and WSO2 Identity Server. Now, customers can apply rich analytics and alerting capabilities across the WSO2 products to obtain a holistic view of integration projects with large-scale instance volumes across a range of business use cases. WSO2 Stream Processor also introduces an industry first with the ability to calculate long-running, real-time aggregations with milliseconds accuracy—from seconds up to years—even when events arrive out of order. Users no longer face the complexity of adding specialized storage for big data to obtain this functionality.

Adaptive Authentication via WSO2 Identity Server
WSO2 Identity Server is a uniquely extensible, open source IAM product featuring adaptive and strong authentication, which helps bridge identity protocols and is optimized for identity federation and single sign-on (SSO) across on-premises and cloud environments. The Fall 2018 Release of WSO2 Identity Server addresses the fact that authentication options available for any given application cannot be predetermined by enabling organizations to dynamically determine authentication at runtime without impacting usability. The new script-based adaptive authentication functionality gives identity administrators the flexibility to control how they authenticate users into their organization’s apps, integrate with external identity providers, and handle token transformation as required by the apps.

The new WSO2 Identity Server release facilitates integration with basic-level support for User-Managed Access (UMA), an OAuth-based access management protocol that lets users register their resources and define policies for accessing them using APIs. It also simplifies integration with Microsoft Office 365 by letting enterprises rely on WSO2 Identity Server to act as the identity provider and handle synchronization with Microsoft Cloud.

Integration Agile Consulting, Methodology and Architecture
WSO2 has taken a decade-plus of experience working on integration and digital transformation projects to develop the WSO2 Maturity Model for Agility. With the Fall 2018 Release of the WSO2 Integration Agile Platform, the company is rolling out new WSO2 Integration Agile Consulting services that apply this model to help executives take a pragmatic approach to accelerating their IT organizations’ journey toward integration agility. These include a range of assessment, planning and implementation services that are tailored to each customer’s current state, goals and desired outcomes. The services are complemented by two new reference documents available for download:

  • WSO2 Methodology for Agility is a prescriptive approach to assist digitally driven organizations in becoming integration agile by focusing on their people, processes and technology.
  • WSO2 Reference Architecture for Agility provides a five-stage evolutionary approach, technical guidance, and best practices for digital-native organizations that are implementing integration agile projects.

“In today’s digitally driven economy, no organization is an island. Instead, a rapidly expanding stream of processes and information is flowing across enterprise teams, their customers and partners. In the process, every software project is becoming an integration project,” said WSO2 CEO Tyler Jewell. “The Fall 2018 Release of our WSO2 Integration Agile Platform supports this new reality by advancing the ability of enterprises to effectively analyze and secure their integrated apps and services, as well as speed their integration releases and rapidly respond to changing business demands.”

About WSO2
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