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Vancouver Crime Maps for Break & Enter not a true picture of Vancouver Crime

city of vancouver crime mapVancouver Crime Map for Break & Enter for the last week . Vancouver Police department produces Crime Maps from the statistical data gathered from PRIME (Police Records Information Management Environment) and represent actual crime or Break and Enters reported to the Vancouver Police Department.  The Crime Map displays the “Hot Spots” of reported Break & Enters for only a few days in October 2012.

However, the Crime Map only displays reported crime. At Mr. Locksmith we are fixing B&Es that have not been reported to Police. Most of our customers have stated that “Police do not show”, or that they are “not covered by insurance” or that they have been broken into several times in the past year and they only report major thefts so their home insurance is not impacted with higher insurance premiums

In addition, the crime maps only show residential B&Es and if your detached garage is broken into it is a “Theft” not a “Break and Enter” and is totally missed by the B&E statistics. And your car broken into it is collected in the statistics as a “Theft from Vehicle” and not a B&E.

Many of the B&Es we see daily and nightly are doors that have been kicked in or forced open with cheap off shore manufactured deadbolts. I always find it interesting that you can pay $500,000 plus for a new condo and it has a $10 deadbolt on the door.  Most of the tools used to defeat these locks are screwdrivers and icepicks.

Vancouver and the Lower Mainland has some of the highest Property crime in North America. “Crime is Not Random” and you can protect your home with a Mr. Locksmith Deadbolt package that includes a High Quality Deadbolt, door reinforcer and strike plate with 3″ screws (strengthens the frame of the door).

View my Vancouver Special deadbolt Video.  And Call Today to book an appointment to upgrade your home security.

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